Residential Air Conditioning Services in Houston

Your home's air conditioning system is the only appropriate way to cool your house in the hot Texas summer. Homes in Houston TX require proper care and maintenance, and your care and maintenance plan must extend to your air conditioning. Services listed in this article are offered in every service visit, and you may schedule an appointment at your convenience.

residential ac and heating

#1: Routine Inspections

Quarterly service appointments for residential air conditioning systems include a complete inspection of the units. The fan, casing and coolant are inspected for structural integrity, and your coolant can be recharged during the visit. The technician that visits your house can alert you to lingering issues in your AC, or you may discover a major problem that requires immediate attention.

#2: Immediate Repair Needs

A residential AC unit can stop working at any time. The unit may blow warm air, or the fan will not run at all. You must shut down your AC while it is broken, and you must call for a repair appointment immediately. Many repairs are manageable during your service. Parts are stored on the truck for your convenience, and the repair is finished in minutes.

#3: Major Repairs Or Replacement

Facing a major repair in your air conditioning is a devastating blow to your monthly budget. AC units are expensive to replace, but keeping a malfunctioning unit in your house is a recipe for disaster. Major repairs can be completed by a certified technician, or you may request a consultation on a new AC unit.

New AC units are scaled for the size of your house. Ask your technician to measure the house for square footage, and request a catalog that details the many units that will meet the needs of your home. New air conditioners are more efficient than older units, and your monthly utility bills will drop after a new unit is installed. It may take several months to recover the expense of the unit, but your family will benefit from a new device for many years to come.

Your home air conditioning must be maintained just like the rest of your home. You cannot expect your AC to work just because it is supposed to. Investing money in proper care and maintenance ensures the cool air will flow when you need it most.